Public Partners

Queen's Printer of BC

Starting in 2015, Knomos has worked closely with the Queen’s Printer for BC, leveraging the BC Laws API to fully integrate all provincial laws & regulations and provide new features like frequency heatmaps for search results in a law.

This strategic partnership has evolved into a model framework for public-private collaboration for standardized access to open legal data.

Supreme Court of Canada

Knomos partnered with the Supreme Court of Canada to successfully integrated all of its case decisions into our platform.

By transforming the unstructured legal text of cases dating from 1876 to today into our proprietary data model, we were able to deliver unparalleled new features such as citations heat-maps that display all cross-references between a case and related legal content.

Canadian Legal Information Institute

The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) is a non-profit organization that has been engaged by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada to establish, operate, maintain and provide to the law societies a website dedicated to providing continuous access to a virtual library of Canadian legal information.

Knomos leverages the CanLII API to ensure that all public legal information in our application is up-to-date & in accordance with official sources.

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